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Book Club

Monthly Online Discussions


Book club builds community in our congregation, educates members and friends, provides a safe, fun space to discuss works on modern Satanism, satanic panic, theocracy, and other Satanism-adjacent topics.


Book club is open to members and friends of Satanic Colorado. By signing up for the book club mailing list, you are attesting that you are a friend of Satanic Colorado and consent to receive marketing emails about book club. Mailing list membership does not make you an official member of the congregation.


Meetings are held online. Sign up for the mailing list to receive book information and meeting links.



Discussions are meant to facilitate a deeper understanding of Modern Satanism and related subjects. We may read things that are controversial. We may also read works that do not directly influence Satanic Colorado, but are important to consider in Modern Satanic canon. Discussions will encourage scholarly, well-thought-out analysis, but will also be accessible for those who do not have much Satanic knowledge. 

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Upcoming Books

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